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Preaching / Teaching has always been the joy of my life. Those early years, from the three or four grade, Donald and I would go over to the church and practice preaching.  We would copy Dad.  I can’t remember when I  did not desire to preach, and study the Bible.  Today fifty years later I am still learning, still love teaching the Word.

Of course, preaching as a Fundamentalist was not like preaching as an Reformer, or Evangelical.  Therefore the training was not the same.  Had I known the training that I could have received I would have taken the opportunity.  But over the years, I am still learning this idea of teaching the Word. I love the process of learning the Word. I love the research. I enjoy the reading of other great men.  I love learning the meaning of words in the Word that give a better understanding of the text.


I like preaching or teaching as a theologian.  That is teaching the point of the text rather than preaching my point of view of the passage.

This ministry doesn’t get old.  I loved teaching Wednesday Evening as much as I have in the many years I have taught. 


I am thanking for the opportunity each week to speak from the Word to the people who come and hear me each week.


About Charles e Whisnant

Youth Pastor since 1964.Pastor/Teacher 1971-74, 1980-2001, 2008-2015. Seminary, College, On line training, 50 years of study. A student of of the Bible. Expositional in my teaching. Married for 45 years. Four children and three granddaughter. Currently pastor - teacher in Minford, Ohio. No published books. No TV program. Favorite preachers Spurgeon, Calvin, MacArthur, Lloyd-Jones, Packer, Edwards, Baxter, Puritans.
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