Bible Study and Sermon Preparation


charles e Whisnant, teaching at Rivers of Joy Baptist

I am blessed to have a mind that loves to study and learn and research the Word of God.  I have never felt that spiritual preaching was done by just opening the Bible and preaching.

I have always had the desire to know the Word by study and learning

From early in the ministry I have studied.  Preaching and teaching the Bible is more than just getting up and saying what you would like to say.  What does God have to say about life is the question.  How does God want us to live for Him in this world?


Since the word processor replaced the  IBM typewriter, I love typing on the Word processor.  I also like to download a lot of material that I have written, and gathered from many other resources.  I use three ring binders to keep the material in.  I have a binder for each series of messages I am teaching from.



Just a word here since I have address this a few other times.  I know the book I am going to teach.  Example: Romans.  I teach the book verse by verse.  Therefore knowing what I am going to each becomes clear.  Now I need to prepare for the study.

Since I have done this for 30 years I am getting better at this method.  Still learning each time more and more of God’s word and how to present the truth in His Word.

My objective is to tell the people what God is saying in the text that is before us.  What does God say in Romans 8?  What is God wanting us to know in these verses?

I don’t come up with an ideal of what I want to say, and then look at the text to see if it is there.  I first look at the text and see what is there first.  What is Paul saying and trying to communicate to his readers is the key?

So I want to share with the people what Paul is saying.  What was Paul saying to the people at Rome at the time he was writing to them is my objective. Then I want to see how I can communicate to the people in 2011 the principle God wants us to learn?

So you ask how do we as preachers to that?

How do we take the passages in Romans and related to the people in our church today?



I have reviewed a number of other smarter men than I on this subject for sure. Principles to use to interpret scripture are for sure necessary. And I continue to study those methods of study. 

Learning the text of scripture in its context and within the doctrinal frame of the whole bible is the task before us. This is another topic of study and another post. I am sure you can find a number of articles on this subject. Search and study.


About Charles e Whisnant

Youth Pastor since 1964.Pastor/Teacher 1971-74, 1980-2001, 2008-2015. Seminary, College, On line training, 50 years of study. A student of of the Bible. Expositional in my teaching. Married for 45 years. Four children and three granddaughter. Currently pastor - teacher in Minford, Ohio. No published books. No TV program. Favorite preachers Spurgeon, Calvin, MacArthur, Lloyd-Jones, Packer, Edwards, Baxter, Puritans.
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