Lumberjack/Pastor Charles e Whisnant

When Charity and I moved to your new place to live back in September, I had no idea that I would be the person who would take on the task of clearing out the brush of some 40 years in our back property.  But after turning now a job for $1200 I found myself doing just that.  Now I have been in the process for about a month now.

September 06, 2012 this was the view of the land behind our house.  While the view does seem picturesque, the vines and brush just over whelmed the land and was killing a number of tress.

So I set out to clear up the brush, never knowing the work involved in this project.

Moving forward to September 25th I had cleared the brush quite a bit I would say.

I would say the project is going rather well by October 10th

This view is from the deck looking to the left of our house.

There is really a lot yet to do if I want to do it.  But that is for another day.

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About Charles e Whisnant

Youth Pastor since 1964.Pastor/Teacher 1971-74, 1980-2001, 2008-2015. Seminary, College, On line training, 50 years of study. A student of of the Bible. Expositional in my teaching. Married for 45 years. Four children and three granddaughter. Currently pastor - teacher in Minford, Ohio. No published books. No TV program. Favorite preachers Spurgeon, Calvin, MacArthur, Lloyd-Jones, Packer, Edwards, Baxter, Puritans.
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2 Responses to Lumberjack/Pastor Charles e Whisnant

  1. Lugar and Company says:

    Oh Charles, what a LOT of fine work you did! I hope Charity baked you some cookies! Love to you all! Thanks for sharing!

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