The Whisnant’s Ancestry search

The Whisnant’s Ancestry search this morning has been interesting  today . 

Charles Spratt Whisnant 1851-1924
    Father was Philip Sellers Whisnant  born 1822  and Susannah Amon Whisnant
(dad) Everett Thomas Whisnant,  ID 13969  September 21, 1903 
    Married Margaret Helen Harris in 1926 dovorced before 1940
        Margaret Helen Whisnant  February 13 1927 \ September 1991
        Ervin Eugene Whisnant  May 12 1929 died October 1973
        Adrian T. Whisnant  June 1931 died July 1992
    (grandfather) Lloyd Polycarp Whisnant 1883-1943   Minnie Caroline Abernethy  1886-1981
       Children:  Everette, 
Uncle  Bill (William) Murphy Whisnant  02 14 1906 died 1986  married five times
Aunt Nellie 1909 and died 1997 – 88 years old.  June daughter died in 2014
Uncle Joe is still living as of 2016 in Tenn.
    (great grand father) Marcus Eph Whisenhunt-  July 26, 1841 to May 4 1903   Sina Caroline Hahn
  Children:  Alfred Whisenhunt,  1862 to  1934  Professor at Concordia College in Conover NC
        Married Betty Smith: had seven children,
John l. Whisenhunt,  1866 to 1934
    Married Laura Whitener  they had seven children (5 Whisnant, 2 Whisenhunt)
Laura Whisnant,   1869 to 1950
Julius M. Whisnant,  1872 to 1949
Luther T. Whisnant,  1875  1894
David D. Whisnant, 1877 to 1958
James O. Whisnant,  1881 to 1957
Lloyd Polycarp Whisnant: (my grand dad) 1883 June 25th, to March 24, 1943
    g g grandfather)  Ephraim Whisenhunt 1807 to 1874 
            Children: Sarah Whisnant, Abel, Julia, Marcus and Walter Whisenhunt.
    g g grandfather  John Whisenhunt  1775 to 1843  and Anna (?)
            He had seven children and all were Whisenhunt  Sarah, Daniel, Polly, Ephriam,             Daniel, Sarah
    g g  g grandfather  Philip Whisenhunt and Mary Bohelier   1736 to 1791
            He served in the British Army during the American Revolution
            He had eight children:  Maria, Barbara, Johan, Elizabeth, Adam, Henry, George, John
            The Whisnant families who moved into Tennessee and Illinois could possibly be                 dendeants
    g g g g grandfather:  Philip Peter Visinand  1684 to 1744  born in Heilsbruck, Edenkoben, Germany. and             died in Old Lancaster, Lancaster Co. PA. He arrived in Philadephia in 1731 with two             sons: John Peter and John Adam.  
            Wife: Anna Helena Neff: had six children
                   Anna Visinand
                John Peter Visinant  1714
                Johnann  Visinant  b 1717
                John Adam Whisenhunt  b 1719 d 1784
                Heinrich Visinant b 1722
                Maria visinand b 1731

    g g g g g grandfather:  Francois Visinand  born 1647 .  He lived in the French speaking region of                 Switzerland, between Lausanne and Montreux.  They were winemakers. 
Which is my 9th grandfather
    Visinant (Wissinant)  The Wisenandt family settle never Muddy Creek in Lancaster     Co. Pa.   They were early members of the Reformed church there. In 1743,     Johan     Peter, Adam, and Peter Wisenandt all signers of the Reformed Church     Doctrine.
My 9th grandfather Francois Visinant had a sons name John and Phillip where were singers of the Reformed doctrine
    Married to Jeanne Ramus and had five children
        Marie Visinana, Anne, Marguerite, Jean, Francoise
Married to Anna and had one son:  Philip Peter Visinand  (Whisenant)  b 1684 d. 1744 b. in Edenkoben, Germany and d. in Cocalico PA.
Johan Peter Visinant, former name John Peter Wissenandt B. 02/4/1714 in Hassioch, Germany, d. in 1951 in Lancaster PA
    His wife Maria Magdalene Sumi,  His Father Philipp Peter Visinant, His brother was Johan Adam Whisnant, and his sister was Anna Maria Magdelena Whisnant (Lutz)
Johan Adam Whisnant, brother was Johan Peter Visinant  born in Feb 24 1719, his son George M. Whisnant, Philip Whisnant, 
His father was Philipp Peter Visinant

Philip Peter Whisenant Visinand
FRANCOIS “FRANZ” VISINANT was born between 1640 and 48 in Maracon, Lausanne, Swiss canton of Vaud, Switzerland. He was baptized into the LDS church on 16 Feb 1993 in the Ogden, Utah LDS temple. He was endowed Cleared. He was sealed to parents Cleared in the Ogden, Utah LDS temple. He died in Hassloch, Edenkoben, Germany. Parents: ESTIENNE VISINAND and ANDREAZ DAUNET.
He was married to JEANNE (Anna) RAMIREZ (RAMUS) on 3 Feb 1666 in Cersier-Sur, Vevey, Switzerland. He was divorced from JEANNE (Anna) RAMIREZ (RAMUS) about 1684 in Switzerland. Children were: SUSANNA MARIE VISINAND, SUSANNE MARIE VISINAND, FRANTZ FISINANT WHISENHUNT .
He was married to ANNA UNKNOWN about 1684 in Switzerland. He was divorced from ANNA UNKNOWN 00/00/0000. FRANCOIS “FRANZ” VISINAND Lived in the French speaking region of Switzerland, between Lausanne and Montreux. The Visinand family were Winemakers. Francois Visinant would have had to migrate into Germany by 1684.

Artical from Quarterly of The Pennsylvania German Society Vol.12, No.2,April 1978.

Visinant (Wissinant), Francois “aus dem welschen Schweitzerland bey Lausanne geburtig.” Hofmann im Kloster Heilsbruck. His wife was Anna, and they had a son Philip Peter Baptized 13 Apr. 1684.
The Wisenandt family settled near Muddy Creek in Lancaster Co.,PA. They were early members of the Reformed Church there. In 1743, Johan Peter, Adam, and Peter Wisenandt all signed the Reformed Church Doctrine.
In the 1760’s the Wisenandts left Pennsylvania and moved to the Lincolnton, North Carolina area.


Note: Heilsbruck was a convent until 1650, and then became an estate. Children were: PHILIP PETER VISINAND”VISANANT”.
He was married to JOHANNA UNKNOWN on 12 Apr 1700 in Hassloch, Edenkoben, Germany.
Estienne Visinant b 1610
    Lived in Corsier, Canton of Vaud, Switzerland.  and had three children
        Esther, Francois and Jean Visinand
Jean Visinand  b. 1584
    Lived in Corsier, Vanton of Vaud, Switzerland and had eight children.
Guillaume Visinand b before 1570 



12 (1     Guillaume Visinand b. 1570 in Switizerland  in the French region. born in Maracon, Lausanne, Canton of Vaud, Switzerland d    Email


11 (2)    Jean Visinand b. 1584 in Switzerland d. 1625
10 (3)    Estienne Visinand b 1610 in Switzerland
9 (4)    Francois Visinand b. 1647 in Switzerland and
8 (5)    Philip Peter Visinand b. 1684  d 1744 in Heilsbruck, Edenkoben, Germany and died in PA.
7 (6)    John Adam Visinand changed to  Whisenhunt b. 1719 to 1784 in Hassloch, Germany  moved to         PA in 1749 To NC 77
6 (7)    Philip Whisenhunt b 1736 d. 1791  in Lanscaster Co. PA died in Lincoln C. NC
5    John Whisenhunt b. 1775 d. 1843  in Catawba Co. NC
GGGG        Ephraim Whisenhunt b. 1807 d. 1874 in Catawba Co. NC
GGG     `Marcus Eph Whisenhunt b. 1841 d. 1903 in Hiskory NC
GG     John L. Whisenhunt b. 1866 d. 1941 in Hickory NC
Great Grandfather    Marcus Whisenant b. 1841  d. 1903  in Hickory NC
Grand Father        Lloyd Polycarp Whisnant  b. 1883 d. March 24, 1943
Everett Thomas Whisnant  b. September 21, 1903 d. February 20 1966
Charles Everette Whisnant b. October 22 1947  d. still living as of February 15 2016


About Charles e Whisnant

Youth Pastor since 1964.Pastor/Teacher 1971-74, 1980-2001, 2008-2015. Seminary, College, On line training, 50 years of study. A student of of the Bible. Expositional in my teaching. Married for 45 years. Four children and three granddaughter. Currently pastor - teacher in Minford, Ohio. No published books. No TV program. Favorite preachers Spurgeon, Calvin, MacArthur, Lloyd-Jones, Packer, Edwards, Baxter, Puritans.
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